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There are many ways to copy features from a model in SolidWorks – but the most commonly used method includes using the copy/paste command located in the Edit tab of the Menu Bar. This process alone may require up to four clicks and involves multiple translations of the mouse across the screen.

A quick and simple way of copying features that can later be manipulated is by using the click and drag method. For example the Cut-Extrude3 feature can be copied or translated by simply dragging the feature into the intended section of the model. By holding down the ‘Control’ key while dragging the feature into the display will lead to a duplication of the feature. The sketch of the copied feature can then be manipulated and the dimensions changed – providing a fast and efficient workflow.

When you copy a feature using this method a pop up window will appear titled ‘Copy Confirmation’ – this requires you to confirm whether the pre-existing relationships want to be contained within the new feature as ‘dangling’ information or deleted. The information would be related to as ‘dangling’ as it does not have any constraining properties in the new feature.

Watch the Video Tutorial Here:

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