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Only a few days remain until Christmas is upon us, and to celebrate we have created this festive Christmas stocking. We hope you enjoy today’s tutorial and enjoy the festive spirit.

Modelling Overview:

Step One:
Using a series of different planes create the profiles of the stocking. Use a sketch picture as reference and an initial sketch to locate the positions of each plane.

Step Two:
To complete the end of the stocking use the dome feature to cap the flat face.

Step Three:
Create a sketch on the front plane – this will create the hook profile typically used to hang the Christmas stocking above the fire place. Revolve the profile, the parameters used was a revolved angle of 14 degrees in each direction.

Step Four:
Create another sketch on the front plane and offset the original hook profile created in step three. Use this offset profile to then cut-revolve with the same revolve parameters, this will then create the desired loop.

Step Five:
Add fillet of 0.5mm to the outer edges of the revolved loop. This will provide smooth edges as you would typically expect.

Step Six:
the snowflake block file previously used to enhance the detail of the main body.

Step Seven:
Add split lines using another series of planes. This will enable different appearances and textures to be applied to the model through the rendering process.

Step Eight:
Apply different appearances to the model within SolidWorks, this will make rendering in SolidWorks Visualize much easier if the import options are established to bring forth the appearance data.

SolidWorks Visualize Renders:
Using SolidWorks Visualize the following renders have been created:

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