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Bloxwich Truck and Container Transcript

Bloxwich is a brand that’s about, over 100 years old. At about 1960 they got invited to into intermodal transport which is making shipping containers and that bit was to raise all the patents for the locks, the hinges and all the ancillary items for, what we know as shipping containers. We started getting into trucks and trailers. And now we are supplying markets like offshore oil where they adapt shipping containers. we still do trucks and trailers. People want 3D models… they want to have. If they come up with something innovative and they say “well can we change it slightly” you need to adapt. But we started with 2D drawings and basic autoCAD. And we came across SOLIDWORKS and we signed just there and then, bought our first licence and we’ve never looked back.

I can’t imagine designing some of the products we’ve got, with the complex, sort of forged, stamped out geometry. If you didn’t use SOLIDWORKS trying to do something in 2D it would be a nightmare I would take… twenty times as long.

We have a stamping division. And we have a plastic injection molding division. What’s neat about SOLIDWORKS is that you can design a product and then you can start thinking about how you are going to manufacture it. We can go into solid plastics and sheet metal. Now in as much as that we’re are able to develop our tooling very quickly. Here we can go straight to laser cutting and then we can just go to folding. To do that we need to we need to be able fold metal on the CAD system and SOLIDWORKS gives us that.

A lot of my time is spent using SOLIDWORKS for creating designs, you know creating drawings. And lot of my time laterly is being creating rendered images for use in catalogues use in our online shop use in any sort of presentation, sort of marketing material we’ve got. SOLIDWORKS composer has been a big part of our resent catalogue that we published earlier on in the year, it’s a big of our online shop, the images created in there: created on composer the renders where obviously coming from SOLIDWORKS Photoview 360 and Visualize as well.

We can use those designs on our internet, we can pre-launch a product before we make it. And for us it gives us the strength of engineering that we don’t have to carry a big team. Downstairs in a very old wooden drawer is a lot of 2d drawings and there are some good products in there. Security products. Products that probably went out of vogue that we can bring back. We have got to find a way to draw them, develop them, prototype them, test them and all of that can be done very easily on SOLIDWORKS. You know our static testing, load testing can all be done very quickly.

Simulation Xpress you know we’ve used quite a bit and going forward we are keen to investigate you know SOLIDWORKS Simulation for assemblies. We do a lot of testing on products, you know load testing you know just simply sort of tests. But again to do that physically on a new product you’re designing takes time, cost money some of the sort of features like collision detection for example you know there’s nothing like testing it, testing it and testing it and testing it on screen. And knowing and having the confidence to go and produce it without having to embarrassing yourself. The 3D printer goes at the rate it does but then the geometry, the interface with the 3D printer is invaluable.

We can take a product that we think is going to sell, we can draw it, we can 3D print it. We can show it to our customers, at that point we can ascertain at that point whether the market is there for us. We can adapt it, what the customer needs very quickly. And we can go to market very quickly indeed. So that time circle is almost a week, historically it might have been 3 months.

To be honest I think we’ve got an excellent relationship with Cadtek. I find them extremely helpful, I have done since day one. You know certainly Mike invested in the extra licence since I joined the company probably got fed up with me in head office, I think I may have been on the phone daily until my self-knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and then Composer and the Visualize and all this bits of software was topped with the training courses, second to none I think to be honest. Pretty much instantaneous, you’ve got a problem, you phone them up, there’s someone available you can have it nailed within ten/twenty minutes.

There are some great characters at Cadtek, you can phone all of them up, they all know your name, most of them know your products now so they’ve all had the sads and glads of trying to develop from a 2D drawing to a 3D model, it’s a great team. And I think uniquely Cadtek have that ability to help customers, and we are so pleased to work with them. We could stand there and with our old designs, our old systems and just sit there and stagnate or we can get on-board use SOLIDWORKS. Accelerate, you know not only use for prototyping, Design, Approval, customer attraction, publicity. The tools are all there, we’ve got a one stop shop.


Bloxwich Truck and Container is a world leader in container and trailer locking hardware supplying much of the worlds market and exporting to more than 30 countries. It’s a proud record from a division that has a worldwide reputation for quality, supplying transportation markets since the 1950s.

Bloxwich have gone from 2D design to using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, Simulation and other tools like SOLIDWORKS Composer. At over 100 years old, they are a brand that continually evolve and improve their processes.

ISO 9001 – 2008 Registered

Bloxwich Truck & Container

Prototyping, design, approval, customer attraction, publicity…The tools are all there, we’ve got a one stop shop.

Uniquely Cadtek have that ability to help customers, and we are so pleased to work with them.

That time circle (time to market) is almost a week, historically it might have been 3 months.