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Optimise your design using SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools

Learn how from the SOLIDWORKS team!

  • Are you familiar with the Simulation tools?

  • Do you want to learn how to optimise your designs saving time and development costs?

In this webinar we will introduce you to SOLIDWORKS Simulation, a tool any engineer can use directly in their 3D model. SOLIDWORKS Simulation can be used for testing strength, fatigue, motions, drop tests, vibrations, aerodynamics, internal flows, heating or cooling, injection mould filling and more! Use these tools early in the design process to increase quality and performance without the need to build a physical prototype.

Are you familiar with the Simulation tools?

SOLIDWORKS Technical Manager, Mattias Robertsson will be guiding you through:

  • How to optimise your designs using SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • Examples of simulations and results
  • How to accomplish design changes based on the results

After the presentation, you also have the opportunity to ask questions.