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SWood Design

SWood Design makes it easier to achieve your woodworking projects. By building your own library and using the easy to use drag and drop features, you can design faster and complete the job sooner with SWood Design.


SWood CAM manages NC machines dedicated to woodworking and their technologies. Create your programs and production documents directly inside SolidWorks with full associativity.

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Tools included in SWood Design

  • Edge banding Management
  • Moulding positioning
  • Parametric panel library
  • Material library including decor or grain direction
  • Cabinet Design – Copy a frame from your library and fill it dragging SWOODBoxes and Connectors features
  • SWOODBox – Allows creation of a multitude of design scenarios, easily editable once inserted in the defined zone
  • Fill your furniture with elements (doors, drawers, shelves …), including hardware and machining of adjacent parts
  • Connectors including traditional (mortise & tenon) or mechanical (swivel pins, cams) types of joint
  • Fittings – Insert your cabinet and link its dimensions to a layout sketch

Tools included in SWood CAM

  • Customise NC machine code
  • Machining macros library
  • Automatic worktable management
  • Multiple positioning
  • Batch encoding and manufacturing documents export on full project
  • Automatic and optimised drilling with drilling aggregate
  • Manufacturing treeview in Feature Manager
  • Tools, Aggregates and Machining Macros libraries in Task Pane
  • Insert library items by drag-and-drop
  • A large amount of NC machines already managed thanks to customisable machine code
  • Customised production documents generated (Cut list, Hardware list, Labels)
  • Full associativity between SolidWorks geometric entities and machining
  • Additional machining rules defined using configuration, custom properties and features status.
  • Automatic and optimised drilling with drilling aggregate with full associativity.

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