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Creating Walk-throughs within SolidWorks

In this weeks webinar we will be showing you how to create walk-throughs within SolidWorks. Topics that are covered within this webinar are as follows; – what are walk-throughs, creating a walk-through, motion studies and also rendering animations.

Register To Watch: 

The webinar is applicable to all users who are interested in rendering in SolidWorks Visualize. To register to watch the webinar live, you can do so through the Cadtek Customer Portal. (The webinar will start at 11am, Friday 8th September 2017)

RDM Group Leading UK’s Drive to Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

RDM Group are helping the UK become a centre of excellence for the development and production of autonomous vehicles. A tier 1 supplier for high quality, innovative engineering solutions, RDM was formed back in 1993. Long providing critical solutions to the automotive...

Geometry Sketching

Quickly producing complex sketches in SolidWorks can greatly increase design productivity. Sketching forms the foundation of many features and there are some quick hot keys which will help when sketching more complex geometry, outside of the standard sketch shapes...