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Simulation Premium

Design better products with a comprehensive simulation tool

Simulation Premium

Simulating or performing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on the real-world response of your design has never been easier. With the full-featured suite of tools in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium, you can reduce the number of assumptions required in a world that is rarely linear or static. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium software bolsters the depth and the ease of use of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional with additional capabilities, including a powerful set of tools for simulating non-linear and dynamic response as well as composite materials.

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SolidWorks Simulation Aberdeen Research Report

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT to learn how companies that have turned to virtual simulation outperform their peers who still rely solely on manual calculations or physical prototyping.

Simulation Premium Capabilities

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium comes with a range of features and capabilities to help you improve your design. Below is a list of some of its powerful features that you could benefit from – along with some useful information, if you require any more information feel free to contact us in the box below.

Capture the effects of large displacements on designs
  • Examine the large deformations caused by overloads, contact, and flexible materials
  • Transition easily between linear and nonlinear simulations
  • Study nonlinear buckling and snap-through events
Simulate products made with nonlinear materials
  • Investigate designs with hyperelastic materials, such as rubbers, silicones, and other elastomers
  • Conduct an elasto-plastic analysis to study the onset of yield as well as plastic deformation
  • Examine creep effects and material changes with temperature
Perform dynamic analyses of parts and assemblies
  • Simulate time history loading, steady-state harmonic input, response spectrum, and random vibration excitations
  • Input excitation curves of forces in random vibration analysis
  • Study stress, displacement, velocity, and acceleration with time, as well as RMS and PSD values for stress, displacement, velocity, and acceleration
Simulate composite materials
  • Utilise simulation to leverage these advanced materials used in an increasing number of products, from consumer goods to advanced aerospace structures
  • Study multilayer shell bodies to examine the effect of each layer with its own material properties, thickness, and orientation
  • Use the revolutionary user interface to dynamically control and display ply orientation directly on your SOLIDWORKS model
  • Utilise sandwich and graphite or carbon-fiber composites, including honeycomb and cellular foam
2D planar simplification tool
  • Create plane stress, plane strain, and axisymmetry nonlinear analysis
  • Use 3D CAD models without modification to generate 2D sections
  • The full suite of Finite Element Analysis Tools

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