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Flow Simulation

Easily simulate liquid and gas flow within SOLIDWORKS

SolidWorks Flow Simulation

SolidWorks Flow Simulation takes the complexity out of computational fluid dynamics. You can quickly and easily simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces that are critical to the success of your design. Simulate liquid and gas flow in real world conditions, run “what if” scenarios, and quickly analyze the effects of fluid flow, heat transfer, and related forces on immersed or surrounding components. Design variations can be compared to make better decisions, resulting in products with superior performance. Additional valuable modules, HVAC and electronic cooling, offer dedicated fluid flow simulation tools so you can go to the next level for your analysis.

Flow Simulation Capabilities

SolidWorks Flow Simulation comes with a range of features and capabilities to help you improve your design. Below is a list of some of its powerful features that you could benefit from – along with some useful information, if you require any more information feel free to contact us in the box below.

Complete Integration with SolidWorks

SolidWorks Flow Simulation is fully embedded within the SolidWorks Windows®-native environment. There is no need to modify your SOLIDWORKS designs for fluid flow and heat transfer analysis.

Engineering goal based analysis

SolidWorks Flow Simulation is a goal based CFD analysis program. You simply tell the program what you are interested in like Max temperature in part A, Max velocity in my flow, Flow rate at opening 1, Pressure drop across my model etc… and it will calculate these goals and present to the user after the completion of the analysis. This functionality helps you to get better engineering insight into your designs.

Expanded CFD analysis capability

SolidWorks Flow Simulation can solve a wide range of problems including conjugate heat transfer, subsonic, supersonic and compressible flows, mixing of gases, flow around rotating geometry, porous media, cavitation prediction, humidity and climate control and fluid structure interaction.

Wizard mode for analysis setup

SolidWorks Flow Simulation uses a wizard interface to setup the analysis thereby making it easy and intuitive to solve the problem. The toolbars and dialog boxes are very similar to SolidWorks interface thereby making the experience of using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation very similar to SolidWorks.

Configuration based analysis

Each SolidWorks Flow Simulation analysis is tied to a SolidWorks configuration thereby making it easy to analyze design variants and do “What-If” scenarios.

Fully automatic and innovative meshing technology

SolidWorks Flow Simulation can automatically capture the geometry and resolve it to accurately compute the boundary layer. This technology handles very thin geometry well and results in a significant reduction in the number of computational cells. Simulations which take several hours for traditional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programs can be solved in a fraction of the time.

Optar Technologies Case Study

Optar Technologies Limited is a small but innovative UK engineering solutions provider. Founded in 2005 to supply and install gas turbine air intake filters for international energy companies, a successful investment in SOLIDWORKS design, simulation and Enterprise PDM software is now enabling diversification into new markets…


Optar Technologies Case Study
Surface Generation Case Study

For design engineer Peter Etherington, having the right software is essential. The company is a long-standing user of SOLIDWORKS technology including SOLIDWORKS Electrical. But until recently it relied upon laboratory testing for thermal analysis work. Now, thanks to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, it has a powerful desktop solution which saves time and money…

Surface Generation Case Study

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