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High Tech – Electronics

Today’s marketplace for high tech electronics from consumer electronics to power and control instruments – demands smaller, lighter weight products with increased functionality and advanced features.

SOLIDWORKS 3D product development solutions deliver the full range of modeling, simulation, and communication tools. Integrated, easy-to-use capabilities, including PCB packaging, housing design, thermal analysis, and ECAD integration, help electronic products manufacturers quickly develop highly sophisticated designs and deliver products with lower cost, higher reliability, and faster time to market.

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ioSafe Case Study

ioSafe, Inc.

ioSafe, Inc. set out to protect the growing volume of valuable personal and business data by creating disaster-proof data storage devices for computers ranging from notebooks to enterprise data centers. The company’s management understood that launching, sustaining, and growing ioSafe would require a design platform that not only helped the company solve the complex physics involved, but also provided a foundation for accelerating product development and supporting rapid growth…

ioSafe Case Study

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Video Case Study:

Aldebaran Robotics

Aldebaran Robotics is developing and commercialising humanoid robots. The French robot manufacturer’s introduction of the NAO® robot—the most advanced humanoid robot to date—represents a quantum leap forward in robot technology. In addition to the vision of Aldebaran’s founder and the talents of the company’s staff, developing the NAO robot required access to an integrated 3D development environment.


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