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Creating a ‘Black Box’ in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Electrical designers often come across electronic items in their designs that they need to connect to, but are unconcerned about their contents. SOLIDWORKS Electrical refers to these as ‘Black Boxes’ and they are typically part of an electronic system that has...

Cadtek’s Home Built Coffee Table

What do you do if you can’t find a suitable coffee table for your living room? You make your own of course. That is exactly what our Applications Engineer, Mark Tooley did. “After looking at some furniture companies which were selling ‘designer’...

Hints & Tips: Select Other

When working with intricate parts or assemblies you can often find yourself constantly rotating the model in order to select required faces. Sometimes these faces are not visible, such as when selecting internally. One option is to use the Section View command to...

Webinar Preview: Working with 2D data in SOLIDWORKS

Friday’s webinar will be looking at how we can leverage some functionality from legacy 2D data by having the ability to convert the profiles into native SOLIDWORKS 3D models. We will explore how sketch blocks created from 2D design packages can be used to build...

3 things you need to know about appearances

SOLIDWORKS has an extensive library of appearances that can be easily applied to your model to achieve realistic looking designs. This short article is intended to maximise what you can achieve with appearances within SOLIDWORKS, including speeding up the application...

Webinar Preview: Managing Office documents with ePDM

This Friday’s webinar will be taking a look at SOLIDWORKS Enterprise Product Data Management. For many of our customer’s CAD files are just the tip of their “Data Management Iceberg”. Engineers and other document authors are constantly producing many other documents,...

Webinar Preview: Working With Splines

SOLIDWORKS offers a wide variety of sketch tools for creating profile geometry, including entities such as lines, circles, ellipses and slots to name a few. When the desired solid geometry however is more organic in its shape, it is often necessary to use more...

Hints & Tips: Selection Filters

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re unable to pick the thing that you want, or SOLIDWORKS only lets you select certain entities? If so, you may have accidentally activated a selection filter. If your arrow pointer looks like this   then you have a...

Test SOLIDWORKS for yourself

Hands-on test-drive events Are you looking to reduce time to market? Be more productive? Reduce costs? Improve communication and designs? Then maybe you should take a look at SOLIDWORKS. At Cadtek, we believe in trying before you buy. We know how good SOLIDWORKS is as...


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